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Each of these labels defines me, and yet I aim to constantly refine myself through the experience of travel.

I am an adventurist; I seek that which is different in the knowledge that change is inevitable and a healthy cyclical pattern of living. I am an endless skeptic, looking for the best way to question the questions of life. In this, there is adventure, even when I am not on the move.

The bicycle was invented in Germany nearly 200 years ago. Since then millions, if not billions, of hearts have flown free. Joyful and smiling faces have shown what the interaction between human and gravity can produce. A result of zero carbon emissions is a handy byproduct of modern thinking, but the real reason many of us ride is for the sheer delight of it all. Count me in!

Industrial society has shown us that skyscrapers and great fortunes can be built in a fortnight, when the conditions are right. For many with vast amounts of wealth though, it was amassed over the long term. Many hours of work put in, long nights spent stressing over the consequences of a business decision. The Post Workist believes this is not a necessity in this day and age. The 40 hour work week is meant to suppress the human spirit in favour of the shareholder's financial benefit. Four to five hours a day spent in productive activity which provides long term value to society is the key to a wonderfully meaningful existence.

The average Westerner knows about the Gutenberg press and its effects on the trajectory of social thought. The written word has become not only an informative vehicle of utilitarian means, but also a way in which the mind creatively expresses itself. I am a voracious reader and writer since my youth. Text has been something in which I have drowned myself many an evening, instead of a bottle. Being an audiophile only exacerbates this condition; sometimes hearing the word in spoken form gives it more strength, more valour, more humour, more kindness.

In short, the world needs people like myself. It needs thinkers, doers, and lovers. It needs my analytical mind and the ever-consuming heart. I am good with a wrench as much as I am a pair of warm hands to embrace the sad soul. I can organise the computer and install software, because living in today's frenetic pace of cities demands organisation of the self and installation of helpful devices to accommodate the busy urban/suburban commuter. Good with children, the elderly, and animals, because one day someone will have to take care of me; I am learning as I teach, and teaching as I learn from them. Lastly, the tourist escapes their nest for a spell to see other climes and cultures. My role is to assist them in their goal(s) and provide a pathway of knowledge so they can float with ease to their next destination.

If you've made it this far, I congratulate you! Some do and many are left with questions. So go on! Reply and ask me a question and I promise to answer. If you'd like to continue the conversation, invite me in and we'll do the work that needs to be done in giving our dreams (and the next generations) a reason to live!

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